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There are a few elements that make up social media, referred to as ‘requirements’ by Albarran (2013). These include content, conversation, integrity, unfettered discussion, and of course, performance. As Abidin (2018) explains, influencers too, are a product of performance and perception. Having said that, we need to understand how social media marketing drives businesses and individuals like influencers, to produce viral content.

Where branding is what we call a marketing scheme done by businesses and organizations, self-branding is the same thing executed by an individual (Marwick, 2013). …

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Turkle (2017) highlights social media as a sort of ‘simulation’ away from our actual existence. In her book, ‘Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less from Each Other’, she has given a prominent example of online simulation games, such as The Simpsons, in which we can have everything from an idealistic virtual avatar to friends and ‘happy’ jobs.

Just like the virtual world in The Simpsons, social media platforms have formed their own ‘virtual communities’. …

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According to Abidin (2018), an internet celebrity is someone who transcends the realms of social media, into the real world. Her inferences correlate with the normalisation of global cyberspace, which is not limited to just the online world. Here we’ll explore how social media, particularly YouTube, has merged into mass media and how the perception of fame was reshaped because of it.

Let’s consider a prominent example of YouTube and Justin Bieber, as he was discovered due to YouTube. It was after Bieber’s mother had posted videos of him on YouTube, that led to his first step towards…

When we talk about globalisation (interconnectedness) and popular culture, we can’t leave the impact of social media out of the discussion. Although the platforms are popular today, the term is believed to have been coined during the late 90s, according to Nexis and Factiva. However, the expansion of social media can only be seen later somewhere around 2005.

From 2005 onwards, social media started taking the world by storm, changing the way we connect. Kelli S. Burns (2009) emphasised that social media has affected the modern world and changed the way we perceive people and products. Passive consumption has been…

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